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Founder, Screenwriter

Eric spent thirty years in high-tech, having worked eleven of those years in various research capacities at the University of Texas at Austin and the rest of those years in various small companies. He also taught graduate school in the University of Texas’ Software Engineering program.

Eric retired from high technology and became an author and then screenwriter. While authoring his book, “Steampunk Bomber” (no longer available) he realized he didn’t like writing books but that the content thereof came out as scenes on the screen.

He wrote the award-winning TV Pilot, “Vapor”, then two award-winning short screenplays from it (Vapor First Colonists and The Blue Suit) and things took off from there. Five Feature, four Short, and two TV Pilot screenplays later, Eric has amassed over thirty awards at screenplay and film festival competitions.

Eric is a military brat, having lived on four continents and four U.S. states while growing up and currently resides on the Florida panhandle with his wife Melissa -- no kids, but beagles.



BA, Foreign Affairs, The University of Virginia

MBA, The College of William and Mary

M.S. Computer Science, The Johns Hopkins University



  • Dishwasher loading optimization

  • Parallel parking (with camera assistance)

  • Toilet unclogging

  • Sarcastic character dialog

  • Annoying (really annoying) eye for logic holes and inconsistencies in screenplays.

  • Good sense of Voice, both for the screenplay and the characters.



  • Has been in the presence of Emperor Haile Selassie.

  • Has been to both Stonehenge  and CarHenge.

  • Has seen the world's largest ball  of twine.

  • Has been to the Geographic Center of the United States.

  • Threw a WW2 grenade at his mother (relax... it didn't explode)


President , Chief Nap Time Officer

Born and raised in Europe, Maral brings a self-effacing level of European Flare along with several spoken languages to the studio. Besides being the President of Two Beagles Studio, Maral also is the Founder of a Preschool, which means she is a naturally patient individual and an expert at recognizing the need for nap time, in others.

Inherently detailed oriented and has a “think outside the box” approach to everything she is involved with.



VP of Film & Television, Resident Director

Len Rosen is a three-time award-winning filmmaker, writer, actor, producer and Voice-Over Artist, originally from Toronto, Ontario (Canada). He is the winner of multiple film and music video awards from festivals, including the Best Screenplay award from The Monaco Charity International Film Festival for his film, “Fallen Leaves, Golden Sky”; the Honorary Film Award for his music documentary, “Gravity 180.”; and more than 10 film festival awards for directing the music video, “Heaven in Hell”, by artist Ayline Artin.

In 2018, Rosen was elected The International Film Music Society's Ambassador to Canada.  For 8 years, he was also a personal assistant, public relations and multimedia representative to legendary percussionist Oliver C. Brown and his music group, Gravity 180.

To date, Rosen has completed many successful projects; including directing music videos for Pauley Perrette (star of the hit CBS TV drama NCIS) and American Idol’s 8th season finalist Allison Iraheta for her award-winning band Halo Circus.  Rosen has also directed commercials for a successful line of cleaning products called Credible Products (featured on HSN).

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